The function of the 2007/2008 defined competence clusters is to depict and promote the development, trends and research in various fields of interest.

Because the ACOD covers a variety of competences by virtue of its membership, a total of nine competence clusters could be defined, and subsequently occupied by members of the ACOD e.V. Further topics of interest are of course totally realistic to consider, and will most certainly be filled out without a problem in the future.

Listed here you can find all the competence clusters which are currently being actively operated by the ACOD. We offer you a short description of each topic of interest, upon which you can inform yourself about the structure and activities of the respective clusters.

In case you are interested in one or more of the competence clusters and would like to actively get involved, please send us a short email with your contact information and the competence clusters which are relevant to you, at info(at), or contact Ms. Juliane Augsburg, the person who is responsible for the ACOD side of the competence cluster, by telephone.

Mrs Juliane Reimer
Phone.: 03378 - 518 068 - 36
Fax: 03378 - 518 068 - 30
E-Mail: Juliane.Reimer(at)  is the central platform tot he automotive cluster initiative of Saxony. The cluster ist managed  by AMZ.

It is AMZ’s primary objective to initiate and accompany product and technological developments – from the initial idea to the start of mass production (SOP) – as well as to strengthen the sustainability of Saxon enterprises in the automotive supply industry.

Managed by the RKW Sachsen GmbH corporation, AMZ has been carrying out these responsibilities on behalf of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport (SMWA) since 1999.

As one of the largest network initiatives in the Free State of Saxony, AMZ is the strategic partner of small and mid-sized suppliers as well as the project initiator and assistant for measures designed to promote small and mid-sized enterprises in the local core branches.


Special interest group

The automotive thüringen e.V. ("at") can be found in the internet via : .

The key facts about automotive Thüringen:

  • generates its own CI (Corporate Identity) as a representative of the automobile supplier industry in Thuringia.
  • is a consultant for all supply questions concerning the automobile supplier industry in Thuringia and does third party support
  • works closely with the “organs of the state government” of Thuringia, in order to improve the competitiveness of the region as well as to secure already existing jobs, and create as many new ones as possible.
  • promotes and supports cooperation networks among members as well as other international partners, i.e. previous and new partnerships and possibilities through EU-expansion (low cost locations)
  • cooperates with other state and federal initiatives as well as other organizations, for example VDA, “Initiative für Beschäftigung”, and many more.


The automotive thüringen e.V. ("at") supports:

  • the technological development of members
  • business research and development
  • the transfer of technology by using local resources at professional schools and universities
  • the analysis of market developments (benchmarking as well as OEM, suppliers and necessary infrastructure)
  • the further training of the employees of the member companies as well ashelping member companies analyze risks of new investments
  • the members in risk analysis of new investment

Our benefits

The services that “at” provides for its members are:

  • Running events
  • Consulting
  • Project coordination
  • Communication platform
  • Economic advising
  • Company seminars
  • Representation of the member companies at trade shows  is   the initiative of Saxony-Anhalt an is an InnoRegion Initiative. The English content and description of our services  is still in development.